Business at Key Stage 5

Students in our Sixth Form are completing the BTEC National Level 3 in Business. Over the duration of the course students will complete both external examination and coursework units.

The course is made up of four units.

UNIT 1: Exploring Business
Internal coursework making up 25% of the course

UNIT 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign
External coursework making up 25% of the course

UNIT 3: Personal and Business Finance
External examination making up 35% of the course

UNIT 8: Recruitment and Selection in Business
Internal coursework making up 15% of the course

Business considers how organisations operate and can be made to work more effectively. It considers how individual  aspects of a firms operate, such as the marketing, human resources and accounting functions, and also how the  firm as a whole interacts with its markets, customers and competitors. There are theoretical elements of the course but the emphasis is always on how the theory can be applied to real world situations. By the end of the course, students of Business should have a clear feel for the way a firm operates and be able to develop strategies for improvement.