Geography at Sir John Hunt is about what is happening around us all of the time:  

- from choosing an area to shop or live;  

- looking at the effects of earthquakes and volcanoes that change people's lives every year.

Geography offers a broad knowledge of the world around us. At KS3, students will study a range of topics that look at both human and physical geography. These include,  

- Geographical skills;  

- Tectonic hazards (earthquakes and volcanoes);  

- Coasts and rivers;  

- Crime;  

- Asia (with a focus on India and China);  

- Africa (with a focus on Ghana); the UK.  

We look at why the world experiences natural disasters, how the world is divided between the rich and the poor. It gives students the opportunity to ask questions and make conscious decisions about how they act as global citizens and prepare for life in a modern Britain. This theme is carried on into KS4 if students choose to take geography at GCSE. Geography is also a key subject at this level as it is part of the English Baccalaureate. It is very well thought of by employers and higher education as it provides such a broad base of knowledge and skills.