The A level Sociology course is a popular choice for sixth form students and follows the AQA A level syllabus. The A level requires that, over the two years, students study Education with Theory and Methods, Topics in Sociology and Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods. Students will learn about socialisation, culture and identity whilst exploring social differentiation, power and stratification, with a core focus on contemporary UK society and changes within a globalised context.
Students will also examine the significance of consensus and conflict theories within the study of Sociology and learn about social structures and institutions in our society, social action and the role of ideas and values. Students will develop an in-depth theoretical, practical and analytical understanding of how society is studied and investigated thorough sociological research methods.

The aims of the courses enable students to: 

• Examine social phenomena that affect people’s lives in profound ways.
• Gain a holistic and critical appreciation of the main Sociological perspectives and approaches.
• Explore and examine the impact and influence of key institutions in understanding society.
• Be empowered through intellectually challenging ideas and concepts and essential skills of critical thinking.
• Develop deep Sociological knowledge and related skills which include; interpretation of data sources, evaluation and analysis required for a wide range of careers and Higher Education pathways.
• Develop a greater understanding and awareness of social, political and legal changes in society and their implications.
• They will examine and critically evaluate an array of investigative techniques when carrying out sociological research.

Additional support:

• All students will be members of our KS5 Sociology online classes
• All homework tasks will be added to the online classrooms following each timetabled Sociology lesson


This course is assessed through written examinations. 

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods (2 hours – 33%)
Paper 2: Topics in Sociology: Beliefs in Society and Families and Households (2 hours – 33%)
Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods (2 hours – 33%)