Filter Materials and resources to make sure you have the correct content an information before starting your revising.

Learn Ideas on how to revise the content you need and to identify any areas you need to refresh or re-cover

Test Resources which will allow you to test your knowledge and practice your exam technique.


Filter your knowledge for each topic. Use the PLCs to help you work out what you need to revise. Create an overview of each topic.


Now you have identified what you need to learn you need to create some resources to help you do this, or undertaken activities to address those areas identified.

Activities could include:
- Mindmapping
- Flash cards
​- Using GCSEPod and making notes
- Using Corbettmaths and Mymaths
- Answering past exam questions


This is the key part - and the one which we do least of.

You can test yourself in lots of different ways - it doesn't have to be with a test set by your teacher.

Ideas for testing include:
- using Kahoot 
- creating your own test and using it a week later
- working with friends to create quizzes for each other
​- past papers
​- GCSEPod assignments