21 August 2020

College Reopening Letter Home

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are delighted to confirm that the College will reopen as normal to students from 8 September 2020.

In light of the circumstances regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be reopening the College with significant health, safety, and hygiene measures in place in order to keep our staff and students as safe as possible. In order to be able to reopen we have needed to draw up a full risk assessment with one of the chief health and safety executives in the city which has been submitted and consequently approved by the Governing Body and the Local Authority.

I would like to give you a summary of the arrangements that will be in place from 8 September, but is vitally important that you all read the full guidance that we have put on our website. under the Parents section. 

Firstly, I would like to remind you of the changes that we have made to the school day that will be in place from September: 
• The school day will now start at 8.30am
• Lunch will now start 5 minutes earlier and be 5 minutes longer (12.40pm to 1.20pm)
• The school day will now end at 3.00pm for all year groups, except for Year 11 and some Post 16 lessons
• The school day for Year 11 students only will now end at 4.00pm following a compulsory Period 7

Secondly, I would like to give you a summary of the arrangements that will be in place to enable students to return to College from September:

• Given the amount of time that students have been out of College we wish for all students to return to their normal curriculum offer as much as possible
• All students will follow their normal timetable (these will be printed out for students in September but in the meantime please see our SIMs Parent App for students timetables)
• All students will be taught in their normal classrooms wherever possible
• Modifications will be made to all classrooms to maximise the space available to maintain as much distance between students as possible
• Adaptations will be made to the curriculum and environment of practical subjects to ensure they can be taught safely 

Movement around the College/break and lunch times: 

• A strict one-way system will be in place, supplemented by a new bell system, to minimise contact between individuals as students move around the College and to reduce overcrowding in corridors
• Arrangements will be in place during break and lunch times to maximise potential for social distancing by allocating separate indoor and outdoor areas to each year group
Arrangements for Parents and Carers:
• All parents and carers must ensure that they keep their children at home if they, or anyone in the household show any sign of flu-like symptoms
• If you have been instructed to quarantine following a trip abroad, we expect this quarantine period to be completed before any student affected returns to College
• All parents and carers must ensure that they follow the Government's advice regarding the use of public transport if their children need to use it to get to and from College
• Please ensure that you make the necessary arrangements (including checking bus timetables if applicable) to ensure that your child arrives in time for the new College start time of 8.30am.
• Students can access the College site through any of the site entrances
• Woodview reception will be the new student entrance (the SJH reception will be an entrance for visitors only)
• Students may arrive to College from 8.00am but will not be able to access the building until 8.25am
• Students must depart from College immediately at the end of the day
• The only extra-curricular activities that will run during Term 1 will be KS3 Learning Club, KS4 Learning Café and KS5 after school supported study sessions. The viability of a broader offer for Term 2 will be reviewed in October.
• Students must wear their full College uniform (we recommend that you clean their uniform as regularly as possible, preferably every day)
• To reduce the number of times students need to get changed, they must wear their PE kit to College on days in which they have a practical PE lesson (students must bring their uniform in their bags so that they can get changed after their practical PE lesson)
• Students must only bring essential items in their bags to College:

• A packed lunch (there will be no food or drinks available to be purchased in College, those eligible for free school meals see below)
• Enough water (or soft drinks) for the day (water fountains will be out of use)
• A College pencil case containing the required basic equipment (we will issue these to students on their first day so do not send students to school with their own equipment on the first day)
• A coat/jacket preferably waterproof (students will be outside wherever possible during break and lunch times)

• We will not permit non-essential items to be brought into College for the foreseeable future. Please ensure footballs/toys/games etc are not brought into College.
• We will provide a packed lunch to those students who receive free school meals, but parents and carers must pre-order their meals through ParentPay by Friday each week for the following week (if your child is in receipt of free school meals then please pre-order for the first week back by Friday 4 September 2020)
• We will not be issuing lunch passes to students for the foreseeable future. All students in Years 7-11 will remain on site all day. Students in Years 12 and 13 will be permitted to go off site at lunchtime only.
• DfE guidelines state that students are not expected to wear PPE during the school day, therefore we are not going to allow them to be worn on the College site. If your child is travelling by Public Transport, they must store their face mask in a sealed bag while on the College site.
• We will have a zero tolerance policy on any students failing to comply with our health, safety, and hygiene arrangements. Any student contravening our instructions in this regard will be sent home and will receive a Fixed Term Exclusion.
• We are currently discouraging parents and carers from visiting the site. Communication between the College and Parents/Carers will be over the phone or by email wherever possible. Parents/Carers may drop off or collect items from our SJH main reception if necessary. Face to face meetings may be arranged if essential.

Cleaning and hygiene: 

• The entire College is currently being deep cleaned
• The College will be cleaned fully every day, as it normally would be
• We will have a team of dedicated cleaners on duty all day every day cleaning all frequently touched areas of the College (for example door handles, railings and other commonly used areas)
• All toilets will be cleaned every hour during the day
• Bins will be emptied regularly during the day and there will be separate lidded bins for antibacterial wipes/tissues etc
• Hand sanitiser dispensers will be installed in every classroom and refilled regularly
• There will be strict entry and exit routines for staff and students to ensure that all teaching spaces are clean and wiped down after use
• We will ensure the building is well ventilated by having all windows, skylights and doors (where possible) open all day from 7.00am
• Misting Machines are being purchased to be used to add an additional level of antibacterial cleaning to commonly used areas, large spaces and changing rooms.
First day back for the students:
• All students will be met at 8.30am by their Pastoral Leader and tutor in the following designated areas to be welcomed back and to briefly explain the schedule for their first day back:

• Year 7: arrive at the Woodview entrance (off Lancaster Gardens) and go to the Performance Hall
• Year 8: go to the Sports Hall
• Year 9: go to the Gym
• Year 10: arrive at the Woodview entrance (off Lancaster Gardens) go to the Dance Studio
• Year 11: arrive at the Woodview entrance (off Lancaster Gardens) go to the Dining Hall
• Year 12 and 13: go to the Sixth Form block

• All students will then attend an extended session with their tutor, in their tutor rooms to have all procedures relating to health, safety and hygiene explained to them
• All students will attend an assembly to explain all the arrangements that will be in place to support them with their learning
• All students will attend a Google Classroom session to induct them in to using it and join all of the classes relevant to them
• Year 7 will be inducted regarding evacuation procedures in the case of a fire alarm (this is a normal arrangement for the first day for Year 7)
• Year 11 will have an introductory Period 7 session from 3.00pm-4.00pm
• All remaining time for students will be spent with tutors, in tutor bases doing structured but informal activities to ease them all back into College
• Normal lessons will start from 9 September 2020

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all of our students back into College in September. In order to do our very best to avoid another College closure, we urge you all to ensure you are clear on all that is required from parents, carers and students. Your preparation and cooperation will be essential to having a successful start to the 2020-21 academic year.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs J Bevan