6 September 2019

Attributes - Organisation

Attributes – Organisation

We are currently focusing on the attribute of organisation. This is because it is important for students to make sure they are well-organised at the beginning of the school year in order to ensure that they have the best possible start to their learning.

Organisation at Sir John Hunt is: 
• Being prepared for College each day: wearing the correct uniform, having the correct equipment, books and kit
• Being punctual
• Using the student planner effectively
• Managing time effectively: completing homework or coursework by the deadline; managing revision or study time effectively

If your child finds being well-organised challenging, we have put some tips below which might be useful for you to discuss with them and put into place at home.

Top Tips for Organisation 

1. Work out what aspect of organisation you find difficult - is it being punctual, managing your time or having the correct equipment?
2. If you find having the correct equipment at the right time difficult - make a checklist of what you need for school each day and put it somewhere that you will see frequently – for example, on the fridge or near the front door.
3. If you are often late for school – set your alarm earlier to make sure you get up on time. Then set a separate alarm to give you a warning five minutes before you need to leave the house.
4. If you are unsure of how to use your student planner effectively – speak to your tutor about how to best use it, make sure you have it out on your desk at the start of the lesson and make a regular time each week when you can ask your parent/carer to sign it.
5. If managing your time and deadlines is a problem – set reminders in your phone, look at your planner daily or make a “To Do” list at home. If you need help planning or managing revision, you can speak to one of the Learning Mentors.

Ms Williams
Assistant Principal