28 June 2019

Blue Juice Surf Safari

Another fantastic week at Sennen Cove.

After setting up camp, we made a trip down to the local beach Gwenver. Here we enjoyed the sunset, a fire and brewed hot chocolate. The rest of the week we were blessed with sun, small waves and some good climbs. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time in the surf and the crag. As the week progressed the wind picked up, but still the students got stuck into all the activities and remained cheerful. Despite having to leave a day early, we used the extra day to explore the Dewerstone and do some more challenging climbs.

For staff the highlight of the trip was members of the public telling us how polite and courteous our students were, we even got bonus flapjack and drinks from staff at the campsite. They were right, an awesome bunch of students that clearly enjoyed themselves and threw themselves into every challenge. A great trip.

Mr Gardiner
Curriculum Leader of Science