Breakthrough Music Festival

Megan, Natalie, Josh and Daisy, four music students from Year 13 organised and planned Breakthrough. An event which centred around the concept of 'Borders, Boundaries and Barriers'.

As part of the Year 12 ensemble, Ellisha, Alfie and Mia performed a set, including 'Master of None' by The Beach House and 'Summertime' by Maurex. Daisy then performed her original song called 'The Tsunamis Coming' on the stage following their performance, a song written about facing mental health barriers. After that, the Year 13's collaborated together to perform songs like 'Cornerstone' by Arctic Monkeys and 'The Chain' by Fleetwood Mac.

A short break saw the Year 13's take control of the second set playing well-known songs such as David Bowie's 'Life on Mars', Biffy Clyro's 'Many of Horror' and Michael Jackson’s 'Billie Jean'. Mr Wynter, Mr Cleverley and Mr Walker offered their musical talents for these performances, playing bass, guitar and drums. This whole event occurred at Livewire, a youth club in Saltash whose purpose is to raise awareness of mental health issues. They provide young people with the opportunity and the space to create and play music, as well as express themselves.

Aside from having a recording studio, a live music venue and a range of equipment, Livewire gives support to young people. They offer free music lessons and free counselling for people who are struggling. Owner Andy Rance posted, "The event was an awesome night of music." Members of the audience also took to social media to express their positive opinions on the night.

It is the music department's pleasure to thank the Year 13's for organising and putting on such a well received event.

Well Done to everyone who took part!

Miss Pertiller
Music Apprentice