1 May 2018

Careers and Apprenticeship Week

Last week was the annual National Careers and Apprenticeship week when schools and organisations up and down the country took part in a range of activities to promote careers within a variety of industries and sectors. Here at Sir John Hunt we got involved in a variety of different ways:

To start the week all Year 7 tutor groups were visited by different employers who came in to talk to them about their career journey and the role that they are in as well as top tips for the future and things to consider as they enter into the world of work.

Guests included engineers, a HR consultant, clinical researchers, business managers, an apprentice and an architect to name just a few. They were STEM ambassadors from some of the leading companies in the city all of whom gave up their time to help inspire our younger students. All tutor groups also took part in SMSC careers activities which helped them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and what employment some of them would perhaps be suited to.

Miss Newberry
Career, Event and Marketing Coordinator