19 March 2020

College Closure - update

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will likely have seen in the news, all schools have now been instructed by the Government to close in order to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore I am writing to you to confirm that I have followed this advice and made the decision that the College will remain closed until further notice. This affects all students in all year groups and also includes any students that attend our partner schools or any off-site alternative provision.

As requested by the Government, from Monday 23rd March 2020 we intend to offer provision for our vulnerable students and children of ‘key workers’. The Government has defined vulnerable students as those with an EHCP, those who are ‘looked after’ (in care) and those that have an allocated Social Worker. Key Workers so far have been defined as NHS staff, Police staff, and delivery drivers.

We ask that if your child is in one of these vulnerable groups or that you consider yourself among these key workers and wish to enquire about your child attending school from Monday 23rd March to Friday 27th March, that you follow the link below and complete the survey. The deadline for completion of this survey is 9.00am on 20th March 2020. Once we have collated this information we will be able to plan the provision we are able to offer these children. We will send out confirmation of these arrangements to parents of these children as soon as possible. Do not send your child to school unless we have confirmed that you are able to do so. 

Obviously the news that all schools will be closed is a shock to many parents and in particular those of you whose children are in Year 11 and Year 13. At this stage we do not know how the cancellation of the summer examinations will affect the outcomes for our students and although it has been made clear that students will gain the qualifications they need, it is unclear exactly how the Government will ensure that this happens. Indications are that they will provide additional guidance on this matter later this week. Let me assure you that we will work tirelessly to get more information on these matters so that we can keep you and the students informed.

Any KS5 students on work experience or placements of any kind are not to attend for the foreseeable future. We are in the process of contacting all work placements to make sure they are clear that these have been suspended until further notice. We do not anticipate these being reinstated this academic year. For Year 13 students concerned about the impact on their University places; we have had reassurances from Universities that they are working to ensure no students will be disadvantaged and that they will communicate the plans for admissions and offers as soon as Government guidance has been released in the coming days.

We will endeavour to produce as many resources as possible for students to be working on at home and we will ensure they are available to be accessed through our website in due course. We will send you updates as and when these resources/updates are available. In the meantime please see my previous letter for guidance on what we have already provided for our students to be working on while at home.

While the College remains closed we are still unable to answer any incoming phone calls. We will continue to periodically check any messages that we receive through our ‘contact us’ form on our website. If you have an urgent enquiry then please use this facility. We will endeavour to ensure that we are able to answer incoming calls as normal from next week.

Once again during this difficult time, I urge you all to take care of yourselves and your families by keeping up to date with all health advice being given out by the Government, Public Health England and the NHS. I wish you all the best and look forward to the College reopening as soon as this becomes possible.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs J Bevan