28 June 2019

Cultural Capital

For Enrichment Week 2019, 46 students from Years 7 – 9 and 5 intrepid members of staff made the long coach journey to the French Capital, Paris. The week started early with a 6am departure from the College, the atmosphere was great, with the students and staff incredibly excited, despite the early hour!! After a long journey we crossed under the English channel and said Bienvenue A France! 

We arrived at our first dinner venue, a quirky buffet restaurant called Flunch, after the initial confusion of having to order their own main course, in French, the students enjoyed a wonderful first evening. Day two started with a continental breakfast (croissants included of course) before heading off for our first day in Paris. We started the day with a wonderful boat tour, the sun was shining as we cruised along the Seine and took in the sights, including Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and National Assembly. The scenery and architecture was wonderful and the students couldn’t believe the gold eagles on top of the Pont Neuf! After we disembarked we drove to the Catacombs, a series of mines under the city. The cool, underground tunnels provided a lovely relief from the hot midday sun and we spent the afternoon learning about the history of the mines, why they were filled with skeletons, and for one group exploring the secret part of the Catacombs, normally closed to the general public. 

After a wonderful French dinner at the Monte Carlo we retired to our hotel for some much needed rest. Day three began with a visit to the Eiffel Tower, the impressive structure enchanted our students and despite the heat (37 degrees) we began our walk through the Jardin Tullieres to the Pyramid at the Louvre. On the way students took in artists and street performers and were able to purchase souvenirs from the local French sellers, some even managed to barter in French! Our walk then took us up the Champs Elysees to the Arc De Triomphe, the impressive structure looked stunning in the evening sun and as the group played an impromptu game of Uno in the shade of the Arc, they marvelled at the insane traffic that surrounded them on the roundabout…there are no lanes…it’s chaos! Dinner at East Bunker followed by a journey back to the hotel which took in the Stade De France and the wonderful old buildings of the city. Day four saw the group thrill seeking at Parc Asterix. The water rides cooled us and the roller coasters made us laugh, scream and shout.

We had a wonderful trip, the students were exceptional and all of us thoroughly enjoyed our whistle stop tour of the French Capital…roll on next year!!!

Miss L Warring
Pastoral Leader  

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