Demolition Dartmoor Zoo

During the Autumn term a number of our Year 9 students were privileged to be part of a project with Dartmoor Zoo. The project entailed the demolition of an old animal pen and then the design and construction of a new pen for owls, macaws and potoroos. The students attended a day a week and over 10 weeks worked hard, even in torrential rain to produce an amazing structure and home for the animals. The staff at the zoo were extremely complimentary of the work ethic of our students and the commitment that they showed to complete the project. The students’ team work, resilience, support for each other and exceptional conduct while at the zoo was also praised by the staff team.

This term the students returned to Dartmoor Zoo for the grand opening of the new enclosure and were able to see the animals in their new home.

Mr Marner
Assistant Principal