Careers relating to Maths workshop

Employers help students to "figure out" their career choices 

As part of National Careers Week a team of employers visited school to work with students from Year 8 who are taking their option choices.

The event was aimed at making them more aware of careers that link to the maths subject and to introduce them to the world of work and employment. Various local, national and regional  companies were represented including WPS, the Regional Development Agency, Plymouth University, AECOM and the Mortgage Guy. 

Each employer spoke of their career journey and of their current roles which gave students more knowledge of the top 10 Employability skills as well as enhanced their communication skills.

As a result of the workshop,  ALL students felt that their aspirations were raised, they wanted to work harder to achieve better results and that they were now more confident when speaking to an employer.    

Miss Newberry

Careers Co-ordinator