28 june 2019

Environmental Action

The aims of this workshop were to raise awareness of pollution and conservation in the local area, improving communication skills and teamwork and having an active involvement in the local community. 

The students spent a day with us working on maintaining the disabled access footpath into the woods, clearing the area of any litter and cutting back overhanging, encroaching and obstructing plants. An afternoon campfire, games and toasted marshmallows then followed this. 

All groups that participated in this activity had a significant impact on the access to the woodlands; they all worked incredibly hard and had a fantastic time doing it, with many saying that it was the best day they had all week. When looking at the impact of littering on the environment we discovered crisp packets that were older than all of the students. This then became a challenge to find the oldest piece of rubbish and we were amazed to find an intact crisp packet that went of date in January 1986! 
We received great feedback from dog walkers, local residents, The Woodland Trust as well as our neighbouring school Woodlands who sent us this message: 

‘We must congratulate and thank you and the students for a job well done!   The path had become quite overgrown and untidy with roots jutting out here and there and the path had got increasing narrower with the greenery starting to cover the edges. You guys have done an amazing job tidying the edges and reinstating the border. It was nice to see your students obviously taking pride in the work they were doing.

As a school, when the path was first put in place some of our younger classes did regularly make trips down into the woods, even travelling as far as the large field with the picnic area but as it’s fallen into disrepair less have ventured down.’

Mrs Perring, Mr Friend and I would like to say how proud we are of all students that were involved in this activity; your effort and behaviour were a credit to the College.

Miss Daykin
Head of KS5 Maths