Enrichment Week

Football Frenzy 

For the very first time, the Football Frenzy group walked down to the brand new state of the art Manadon Sports Hub for a week of football training, coaching and skills building. The artificial pitch itself is situated in the heart of Manadon and has brand new changing rooms adjacent to it with quality training resources that we have never had access to before. 

Each day got off to an exhilarating start where our footy trainees were met by Argyle coaches; all were fully loaded with enthusiasm and training equipment. After professional-style training sessions in the mornings delivered by the coaches, students enjoyed a lunch break followed by gruelling tournaments in the afternoons where they were rewarded for showing off their new skills. 
On Wednesday, the coaches brought out the football mannequins for the group to practise their free kicks – just one of the new and improved facilities on offer during this year’s trip. The weather remained bright, sunny and hot all week and the group remained positive all the way through – even during the walk home which many of them struggled with! 

On Friday, we did return to Goals for a final day of short games and an overall tournament where, once again, the teams were further rewarded for showcasing the skills that they had been working on all week. 

Overall, we all had a brilliant week! Behaviour, commitment and teamwork (and the weather!) were at their upmost showing Argyle coaches what SJH footballers are made of. It’s safe to say that we had some exhausted and up-skilled footballers on at the end of the final day!

Mr A Sharpe
CL for English