28 June 2019

Horse Riding

Filled with excitement, the sun was shining (which meant it was going to be a great day), the students made their way onto the yard – the horses and ponies were in their stables, greeting us with happy smiles as we passed. 

The students were welcomed to Wembury Bay Riding Stables by the yard’s owner, Laura. She went through the rules and safety procedures in the event of an emergency. Luckily, our trip wasn’t met with any serious issues. 
Throughout the week, the students had riding lessons and went on hacks. They were even jumping by the fourth day – despite it being really windy! Autumn’s horse, Bingo and Mr Fitzwater’s horse, Marley, spooked making them take off. Mr Fitzwater managed to stay on, but poor Autumn fell – she wasn’t badly hurt, thankfully. 

The week was ended by a delicious BBQ – when we could get it lit [the wind did not help].
We were so lucky with the weather – the sun shone for us every day. To keep us cool, Mr Fitzwater, bought ice-creams. 

On the final day, the students were presented with rosettes and a framed photo of their horse. Lilly was presented with a special award for making the most progress. It was lovely to watch her go from a nervous wreck at the beginning of the week to independently riding out on a coastal hack. 
Laura, kindly gave all the students a free lesson voucher for them to use within a year and can be quoted saying: “We really love it when the students of Sir John Hunt come to visit; they are the best school we have. The students are kind, polite and really funny. We will miss them.”

Here’s to next year.

Mr Fitzwater
Head of KS3 English