may 2019

Update on jobs in our area 

We want to ensure that we keep you up to date when it comes to thinking about and searching for jobs within the city and the region. The National Careers Service have recently updated us on employment within our area (the South West) and the facts are shown below:    

Employment: 79.9% of people are employed. Higher than the UK average of 76.1%

Unemployment: 2.9% of people are unemployed. Lower than the UK average of 3.9%. 

Income: The average income in the South West is £27,622.

Working hours: On average people work 30.9 hours a week.

Job Growth: Over 68,000 jobs will be created by 2024.

Sector growth:
Health and Social Care, Construction and STEM Careers are all expected to see significant growth over the next 5 years  

Miss Newberry

Career, Event and Marketing Coordinator