20 May 2019

KS3 Nurture Group – Conquer the Wall!

On Friday, KS3 Nurture Group travelled to the Life Centre for Indoor Rock Climbing. With nerves settling in for most students, it was clear that this week’s activity was going to be a real challenge. 

It was great to see all students pushing themselves and encourage each other to do well. A special mention to Brooke, who was the only one who managed to climb to the top of the 52ft wall. Another special mention to Saffron, who is very scared of heights managed to conquer her fear and climb 4 metres. 

The students finished the session with team building games in the bouldering cave. Not only did students improve their climbing and belaying technique, but they also improved in confidence, resilience, self-motivation and teamwork. 

We are back at the wall next week, where I am positive that many other students will continue encouraging each other, build their confidence and conquer the wall!

Miss Robinson
KS3 Learning Mentor