16 December 2019

New lesson structure

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: New lesson structure at Sir John Hunt CSC

I wanted to write to you to inform you of some changes that we will be making from January 2020 that will affect the way we are asking teachers to structure their lessons. We expect that these changes will have a very positive effect on our students and we wanted to ensure you are aware of the changes, and why we are making them.

Over the last few months, the senior leadership team at the College has invited a range of education consultants in to the College to review our practices, and we have also been visited by a number of other schools to do research before we implement any changes. Based on this advice and research we have decided to make changes to lessons at Sir John Hunt.

From the start of Term 3 (6th January 2020), we will have a different lesson structure in the College. This will be across all subjects, year groups and key stages. The structure is based on research, has evidence of success and is a tried and tested method in other schools, where it has proved to be very successful.

Each lesson will consist of:

Entry routines - an agreed way to start every lesson
• A Retrieval Phase - an opportunity for students to revisit previous learning
• An Instructional Phase - an opportunity for teachers to teach new information and idea
• A Deliberate Practice Phase - an opportunity for students to put their new knowledge in to practice
• A Consolidation Phase - an opportunity for students to review what they have learned
Exit routines - an agreed way to end every lesson

Please find below a summary of the lesson structure that staff have been asked to deliver for your information. This is broken down in to our ‘Principles of best practice…’ which indicate what we want to see in lessons, along with a ‘So that…’ column to explain why we want to see particular principles in action.

We have organised assemblies with the students so that they understand the changes and how they will be affected. We will be giving them chance to voice their opinions about the new structure at the end of Term 3, so we can ensure the changes are having the desired impact and to make any necessary future changes that will benefit our students.

If you have any questions or queries about this lesson structure, then please feel free to get in touch with us.

Yours sincerely