1 February 2018

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Despite the colder weather bikeability continues in Year 7, with students applying themselves on the roads of Whitleigh to achieve their level 2 award. In teams of six the students began on the MUGA to practice their handling and balance skills. After a slow race, where the winner is the slowest rider from one side to another, the students are ready to head out onto the road, where they will spend the next couple of sessions. Here they learn about road position, rights of way and keeping themselves safe, beginning with simple starting and stopping and moving all the way up to right turns in traffic. I must say the students have shown a great deal of maturity in behaving on the roads and following instructions.

Rock climbing club at the Life Centre is getting increasingly competitive with some students now starting to solidify their places as regulars. All the students have completed green routes in the bouldering wall and have all progressed onto the harder yellow climbs, with some like Jack and Alfi e attempting the next grade up (blue). Rome has done well and progressed onto yellows after pushing himself to cleanly finish some greens. After the bouldering we move into the big wall and climb with top ropes. The students have all shown they can set up the ropes and belay each other safely, giving themselves much more freedom now to try what they want. If you would like to come along every Monday 3:05 – 5:45pm then please see Mr Alcock.

The morning intervention team went to Bovisand bay to have a go at coasteering this week. It was cold, but they hardly complained about the weather, perhaps they were more focussed on not slipping over on the seaweed. We explored some great rock pools first, finding anemones and tiny crabs, then braved our way across some tricky and quite choppy sections. Over the far side of the bay we found a cave only exposed at super low tides. Without torches, just the fl ash of the camera, we found out how far back we could go. It turned out it was a through cave but the tunnel at the end was just that little bit small for buoyancy aids and helmets, so we had to turn back the way we came. Back on the main beach we jumped about in some small waves then headed back to change. The team did really well and encouraged each other throughout.

Mr Alcock
Outdoor Education & Adventure Activities Instructor