Student becomes a Royal Marine Commando for the day

Student Alfie has always had a keen interest in joining the forces when he leaves education. Coming from a family with an extensive military background and being a Cadet, Alfie is aware of the tough demands and expectations that the forces have and wanted to see if he has what it takes to become a Royal Marine Commando.

After a formal briefing, the day started exactly as it carried on which was simply action packed. The first session was carried out by the Marine Physical Training Instructors as they set to work testing Alfie's physical capability with a series of training exercises that involved teamwork and a great deal of stamina. The students were not given permission to stop for 1 hour from the intense work out or punishment would result in press ups. 

Once the gruelling session ended, Alfie was swiftly moved on to the 50ft abseil which he easily conquered despite the chilling winds and rain. Alfie and I were both grateful for the warmer session on weaponry that followed despite the heavy weight of the rifles that were being demonstrated.

The afternoon finished with teams being taken on to the commando water craft and racing out over the icy waters to Plymouth Sound and learning more about the various roles carried out by the Marines including humanitarian work.

Despite this highly charged and active day and although a little tired from the activities Alfie was still motivated and keen to sign up and is looking to enter at officer level once he has completed his A Levels.

Well done Private Alfie !    

Miss Newberry
Careers Co-ordinator


alfie all prepared for his abseil