1 May 2020

Consultation Proposal: Changing the times of the School Day

Dear Parents and Carers

Consultation Proposal: Changing the times of the School Day

I am writing to inform you as part of a consultation process to make some changes to the school day. The changes and my reasons for making them are set out below. We would like to take on board your views before putting in place any changes for 7th September 2020. The proposal is as follows:

1. A change to the start of the school day for all students from 08.45 to 08.30
2. Lunch will start 5 minutes earlier, and be 5 minutes longer 12.40 to 13.20
3. A change to the time of the end of the school day from 15.05 to 15.00 for all Year groups except for Year 11. (Some Post 16 lessons are timetabled after the end of school and they will finish at 15.50).
4. For Year 11 pupils only a compulsory Period 7 from 15.00 to 16.00

Why the change to the school day from its current format?

1. By starting earlier we are able to dedicate extra reading and intervention time to support students’ learning. There is strong evidence that reading supports students’ performance and the College will be introducing a tutor reading programme to enrich students’ vocabulary and improve their reading skills. We will also be introducing a year based ‘roll call’ in the mornings to ensure students are fully prepared for learning ahead of commencing the tutor reading programme.

2. By starting and extending the lunch period by 5 minutes, this will allow students more time to purchase and consume their lunch and will reduce the pressure on our catering facilities. This will allow an extension to lunchtime activities and clubs and for students to enjoy a bit more social time with their friends.

3. We have successfully trialled Period 7 with Year 11 this year and have found huge benefits; by introducing this session we are able to target intervention, give equal time to subjects so students are able to plan and attend all subjects over a period of time. Period 7 will create an extra day of learning, per week, to support Year 11 outcomes which also takes some of the pressure off the students studying at home.

4. To finish at 15.00 takes into account the adjustments to the structure of the school day.

The Senior Leadership Team and Governors have carefully considered the proposals and believe the recommendations will ensure a smooth start to the school day and all students will be ready to learn; the increased amount of time dedicated to the tutor reading programme will enhance students’ performance and by creating an extra days’ worth of learning for Year 11, will positively impact on students’ outcomes.

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How will we ensure the changes are made smoothly without disruption?

Start of school day

As you are aware the College is open to students from 08.00 and many students use this time for breakfast and socialising with friends before the official start of the day. We are investigating enhancing our breakfast offer to all students and will be consulting with bus companies to ascertain if they can facilitate the changes to enable the new start time of 08.30.

Lunch time

We will maintain our current provision however the increased lunchtime will give a better lunchtime experience for the students, staff and catering facilities as the College numbers have increased year on year.

Period 7 for Year 11 only

We have trialled the uptake of these sessions with our current Year 11 and have had positive feedback from students, parents and staff on the benefits this has had. We will be consulting with bus companies to ascertain if buses are available at this new finish time, though this has not been a problem for Year 11 students this year. This extended period of time will enable Year 11 students and staff to consolidate prior learning, identify gaps in learning and carry out an intervention programme to support student outcomes.

Finish time (Years 7 – 10)

We do not anticipate any concerns regarding transport for an earlier finish.

Consultation arrangements

I believe these changes will have a significant benefit to our students and to the College. The consultation will run from 09.00 on 4th May 2020 to 09.00 on 18th May 2020. If you have a view on the proposal please complete the survey by clicking on the link below within the consultation window.

We will release the results of the consultation feedback confirming the final decision (including any amendments that may be made) to all stakeholders week commencing 1st June 2020. This will be communicated by e-letter.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support and your feedback.

Yours faithfully