20 March 2019

SMSC Update

Further to the Parent Survey carried in January / February this year, we have modified our tutor time delivery to include a greater emphasis on the topics that you highlighted as being most important to you. As a result, the following themes will be embedded into our programme throughout the remainder of this year: 
• Cyber bullying and online safety
• Finance and household budgeting
• Mental health
• Life after school and careers
• Politics
• Special needs and disability
• Dangers of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse 

Along with this on Sports and Health day in June, we will be looking at the following themes:
• Year 7 – CPR
• Year 8 – First Aid
• Year 9 - Introduction to STI (infections), contraception (including condom demonstrations), consent, the law, and CSE (exploitation). This is provided by "The Zone" Plymouth.
• Year 10 - Closer look at STI's, including images and HIV information, body image and pornography (giving students the facts and the laws) - This is provided by "The Zone" Plymouth.

Thank you for your time in feeding back to us, your support is always greatly valued. Further results from the student survey will be published in due course.

Mrs Skelton
SMSC Coordinator