20 July 2021

Step up

Students participating in Step Up this year have still managed to enjoy many exciting experiences despite the restrictions of lockdown. It has been a relief for both students and staff to move outside the constraints of home working and enjoy being able to socialise with others both in College and with training providers.

Year 9 have enjoyed visits to both the coast and Dartmoor whilst also developing craft and practical skills in College. They have been cooking out of College with a training provider and I hope that some of the food made it home for Parents and Carers to sample, but suspect most of it got eaten long before it arrived home! Students have also been busy planting and weeding the Step Up vegetable garden.

Year 10 have enjoyed regular visits to both Construction Training South West and New Hope, our Cooking training provider. At Construction Training they have had the opportunity of taking part in woodwork, painting and decorating and brickwork. The have had the experience of cooking and eating some delicious dishes at our cooking training provider.

Year 10 have also started their Sports Studies unit of work and have all improved at table tennis and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Students have also had visits to Dartmoor and the Coast and have taken part in mountain biking and Bell boating sessions.

Year 11 have concentrated this year on completing their Sports Studies work in Step Up but also have had the opportunity of walking and exploring Dartmoor and the Coastline. Year 11 have also taken part in construction activities at Construction South West and cooking activities at New Hope.

Well done to all Step Up students this year.