Students Inspired by Plymouth Guest Speaker 

Year 11 students were left feeling both positive and motivated following a visit from local motivational speaker Stephen  Seki.

From farmer to pharmacist, we met the amazing Plymouth man who is inspiring the city's youngsters.

Stephen is an incredibly passionate and engaging speaker with a powerful message.  Going against the odds to become a pharmacist Stephen is now committed to sharing both his story of transitioning from life in a Ugandan village to the many challenges he faced when he came to the UK aged 10 and unable to speak, write or read English. He shares the various strategies that helped him get where he is today with students. 
His unique insight about the education system allows students to see that nothing is impossible if you never give up. This is the message that Stephen Seki shares with every student. 

Ms Newberry
Careers Coordinator

stephen Seki, Motivational speaker

In his stories, some of the topics Stephen Seki shares are, using failure as a tool to success, building resilience, creating a positive mind-set, dealing with low self-esteem, using gratitude to build abundance and goal setting. Stephen Seki believes that these topics are the key to his success. 
As a pharmacist he is able to build rapport with his patients through professionalism and his infectious personality. He is able to balance his job as a pharmacist with working as a motivational speaker. He is passionate about sharing his unique story to encourage others to work toward their dreams despite any challenges that they may face. 

"Stephen has shown me that anything is possible"...................Bradley, Year 11
"He taught me to believe in myself".................................Shakur, Year 11