June 2019

Students Experience the World of Work

Year 10 students were given a taste of working life when they took part in a week of work experience. Placed within various businesses across the city such as retailers, mechanics, corporate companies and hospitality they took on various roles aimed at giving them insight into the industry and helping them to develop their employability skills.  

For many, this was their first experience of any kind of work and the experience has really opened their eyes to the difference between school life and attending work each day. Here are just a few comments from students:

Jacob: " I had no idea working could be so tiring, I want to get back to school now and try hard so that I can be a boss when I get to work"

Liam: " I have really enjoyed it and working with animals is what I want to do"

Lauren: " Its been really good and has given me more confidence. I am very very tired at the end of each day"       

Kaylum " I know that I want to work where I can get dressed up smart"    

Work experience is always a valuable experience for all of our students and helps them to not only plan their future career but to enhance their CV, develop valuable skills and to communicate more effectively. 

Miss Newberry
Career/Event and Marketing Coordinator

work experience with dwp
work experience at barista 
work experience  at debenhams
work experience at dame hannahs charity shop
work experience at little pet supplies
work experience in retail 
work experience in retail
work experience at debenhams
work experience at matalan
work experience at americano
work experience at matalan
work experience at barista
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