28 June 2019

Woodland Walk

What lies in the badlands beyond Sir John Hunt? Anyone who came on the woodland walk event during the College Workshops Enrichment Week could tell you: playgrounds, woods, goats, rivers, deer, stinging nettles and hills. One very hilly hill and ok, maybe there were no actual goats, just one very goaty-looking dog.

We ventured beyond our usual boundaries to explore the surrounding area; highlights included the zip-line, lunch by the river and some very intense games of sniper. We broke up our travels with bouts of group skipping and stopped at every playground we came to, to check the equipment was in good working order. Students worked with maps to help navigate their way through the woodland wilderness and I'm pleased to report that everyone eventually made it up the mountain at the end.

Reports of the route length have been greatly exaggerated - I did it with a Garmin and it came in at 3.6 miles! Well done to all.

Miss Hoatson
English Teacher