5 November 2021

Year 11 Mock Exams – Monday 15 November – Friday 26 November 2021

We will be running a mock exam series for all year 11 students from Monday 15 November until Friday 26 November 2021. During this fortnight, students will sit a number of mock exams, with at least one full paper being examined in each subject that they are studying. The mock exams will take place in the hall with normal exam regulations in place and students who are entitled to access arrangements and extra time will have these in place also.

The purpose of the mock exam series is:
1. To give students the experience of sitting exams in exam conditions
2. To ensure that we have an up-to-date picture of how students are progressing and how we can further support them
3. To give students the opportunity to practice preparing for exams and, by doing this, revising content from previous years
4. In the unlikely event that the summer exam series is cancelled, the November mock series may form part of our evidence base for Teacher Assessed Grades
To support students with preparation the following has been put in place:
1. A revision workshop for all year 11 students. This involved showing students the three most effective revision strategies – flashcards, Cornell notes and deliberate practice using exam papers.

2. An assembly on exam conduct and regulations and how to avoid common mistakes in exams

3. All students have been provided with a pack of revision resources

4. All students will be provided with revision guides by the end of this term

5. All students have been given a personalized exam timetable – a copy of which is enclosed with this letter for your reference
6. All students will be provided with Exam Topic Checklists for each paper – these will also be available on the website
Your child has been provided with revision tasks to complete during half term. These are vital in supporting students with preparation for their mocks so that they can really show the progress that they have made this year so far.

Please discuss mock exams and their importance with your child and do not hesitate to contact me or any of your child’s subject teachers if you have any further questions. All staff email addresses can be found on the College website.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Yours faithfully,

Ms K Williams
Assistant Principal