We expect student to attend College every day that they have lessons, and attend their academic review appointments. They should be in College on time to attend all registration periods and be punctual for all lessons. In some very exceptional circumstances, as described below, absence will be authorised but students should not take holidays during term time, should seek medical appointments outside of College hours and parent should provide written explanations for any absences that their children may have,

Exceptional Circumstances to Authorise Absence:

  • When a family need to spend time together because of an immediate family member's bereavement, crisis or serious illness 
  • Funeral of immediate family member 
  • Religious observance 
  • Transport was not provided by the local Authority when it should have been 
  • Children of service personnel about to go on deployment (permissions would be considered as long as the request is accompanied by a letter from the Commanding Officer) 
  • One day of absence could be authorised for a wedding of an immediate family member and the invitation has been provided as evidence. 
  • One off sporting events/performing arts competitions, if the child is participating and is at a county standard or above and a letter has been provided from the performing arts.sports regional governing body as evidence 
  • One day of absence could be authorised for an immediate family member's graduation ceremony/passing out parade

Absence should not be authorised for reasons such as:

  • To care for other family members
  • Birthdays
  • To interpret for other family members
  • No school uniform/shoes
  • Bullying
  • Weddings abroad - regardless of whether it is for immediate family members
  • Family anniversaries
  • Death of a pet
  • Travel problems
  • School refusal
  • Parent/carer not able to take leave outside of term time
  • Friendship problems
  • Head lice
  • Learning difficultes
  • Family holiday