Parent Survey

Each year we ask parents to complete a short questionnaire to enable us to gather their views on how we are doing across a number of key areas. The feedback we receive then forms an integral part of the College’s Development Planning.


Parent Survey Results

89% of parents agreed that: "My child is happy at this College"

91% of parents agreed that: "My child feels safe at this College"
93% of parents agreed that: "My child makes good progress at this College"
89% of parents agreed that: "My child is well looked after at this College"
95% of parents agreed that: "My child is taught well at this College"
89% of parents agreed that: "My child receives appropriate homework for their age"
81% of parents agreed that: "This College makes sure its pupils are well behaved"
82% of parents agreed that: "This College deals effectively with bullying"
92% of parents agreed that: "This College is well led and managed"
81% of parents agreed that: "This College responds well to any concerns I have"

85% of parents agreed that: "I receive valuable info from the College about my child's progress"
90% of parents agreed that: "I would recommend this College to another parent"

Parent Testimonials

“Well lead, high standards. I feel the staff really put the pupils and their welfare first. I could not speak more highly of the staffing team at SJH.”

“I particularly like the strong link with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Education is not only about classroom learning. Enrichment options make good use of our location.”

“Staff members are friendly and efficient, any concern is top priority. The communication is outstanding and they are always willing to help anyway they can.”

“Staff are friendly and approachable. College leadership is strong! Extracurricular activities are amazing!”

“My son is very happy at this College, he has grown in confidence and is a knowledgeable young man with the help and support given to him by good role models. Good variety of lessons having chosen his options, supported by staff. Positive behaviour is rewarded and acknowledged by celebration effects.”

“The College has supported the development of my child in such a short space of time. He has become a very independent young man who takes pride in his work, his punctuality and his appearance.”

“Very happy and welcoming College with lovely staff.”

Areas we would like to improve even further...

19% of parents who responded to our survey wanted us to continue to improve student conduct.

What we are doing already:

Rewarding positive behaviour through our Praise Points and curriculum incentives.
A strong pastoral, teaching and support team who ensure students and their parents know and understand the College rules. 
A clear set of consequences for poor behaviour is visible in all classrooms.
A robust set of behavioural data is available and analysed to target appropriate interventions for students.
Employ Sixth form meal time assistants and deploy prefects to key areas before school, at break and lunch time. 
All incidents reported in the community involving our students
are followed up on in College.

What we will do differently:

Review and improve our conduct for learning policy.
Review and improve the duty spots for all teaching staff at break and after College to ensure key areas have an even greater staff presence.
Employ an even greater number of Sixth Form students to support lunch time duties.
Re-organise the playground areas for younger students to give them greater space to play. 
Increase presence of the senior leadership team and curriculum leaders in classes. 
Pastoral leaders to analyse and improve conduct every 10 weeks.

19% of parents who responded to our survey wanted us to continue to improve our communication home.

What we are doing already:
All staff have email addresses and can be emailed with concerns at any time.
Reception open hours have been extended until 17:00 to enable parents to get in contact with us after school finishes.
We have created six parents evenings per year.
We have employed four non-teaching staff into the pastoral team to enable parents to speak to someone during the day.
Improved communication and correspondence with our twice monthly parent newsletter. 
Introduced the SIMs Learning Gateway.

What we will do differently:
Re-design our College website to make it easier to contact us.
Feedback to all parents on the outcome of any concerns raised.
Offer optional keeping your children safe on social media workshops for parents.
Ensure that parental engagement is a key priority for the College.