19 January 2021

Access to Free School Meals

Below is an overview of the process to be followed to enable you to access your vouchers.

Wonde Process 

1. Click the redeem voucher button
2. When requested enter either your email address or phone number 
3. Press continue
4. If you need to register you will then be requested to enter your personal details and accept the terms and conditions 
5. You should then be able to select your preferred retailer
6. Once confirmed please copy the pin and select "view voucher"
7. Please note: If you selected Asda or Morrisons as your retailer, you will need to wait until we email you when the voucher is ready. All other retailers give you instant access to your voucher.

Further guidance can be found on the link below:

Please contact admin@sjhcsc.co.uk if you have any FSM questions or queries.