Additional Learning

There are plenty of additional learning opportunities for you to choose from while you are not in school.  This page gives links to a huge range of resources, opportunities and materials from a wide range of organisations, colleges, universities and sectors.

You can choose from any of these materials which, although not compulsory for your KS5 courses, do offer some excellent and fascinating additional learning opportunities.

Future Learn - online courses

Future Learn is a platform which offers a huge range of materials and short online courses.  Many of the courses have been designed by Universities to help KS5 students get an insight and a better understanding of specialist subjects or areas of study.

It is worth exploring the range of courses available and finding something that grabs your interest - there really is something for everyone!

Courses range from just a few hours to more extended subjects and content and are a brilliant way to prepare for sixth form and for your future training or university plans.

BBC Bitesize

Since the school closures began in March 2020, the BBC have been increasing the range of resources and materials on their BBC Bitesize website.  It is a useful place to check and is being added to and improved all the time.

Transform our world

This site is really designed for teachers/parents..  but you might find the resources and topics on Transform our world are a great help too....... and they all link to helping the planet!  Have a look and find something that grabs your interest!


Audible have opened up access to a huge number of stories on their platform.  This is a great resource which might support your future courses very nicely...  or... they might just be a really nice way to get lost in a good book!


GCSE Pod remains a really useful resource for you as you come to the end of Year 11 and begin the process of your transition to sixth form.  You still have access through your current school log in when in sixth form so this is still a great place to check your knowledge and fill any of those gaps from your courses this year.