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Business Studies - Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Corona Virus Home Learning
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Year 9 - Business Studies
Class Code - 6z4pfnv

Year 12 - Business Studies
Class Code - gsta2iq

During the school closure there will be work loaded on this page for both Key Stage 4 (Year 9) and Key Stage 5 (Year 12). It is important you complete this work to support your learning and progress.

Year 12 - Key Stage 5 (BTEC National Extended Certificate) in Business

Seneca - Log into Seneca and create an account 

Class Code - dkd778zzim

Tasks - Complete the assignments online to support your learning and progress in the following units.
Unit 1 - Business Environment. Coursework unit - already completed - additional research will allow you to improve and enhance your grade.
Unit 2 - Develop a Marketing Campaign - this will be the unit we complete next and is assessed as examined coursework. It is therefore essential to complete the assignments and research linked to this content.
Unit 3 - Business Finance - the examined unit we have been working towards.
Complete these tasks to support your learning in preparation for your examination.

Year 9 - Key Stage 4 (OCR Cambridge National) in Enterprise and Marketing.

GCSEPOD - log into GCSEPOD using your email and school name as you have previously done so. GCSEPOD Business Studies - you have been set various GCSEPODS assignments to watch and make suitable notes on to support your learning in preparation for the R064 examination.

Tasks to complete:


1. GCSEPOD Assignment and questions - Marketing and Segmentation
Set: 23rd March 2020 Deadline: 27th March 2020

2. GCSEPOD Assignment and questions - Marketing Strategy
Set: 30th March 2020 Deadline: 3rd April 2020

3. GCSEPOD Assignment and questions - Marketing Mix
Set: 6th April 2020 Deadline: 10th April 2020

4. GCSEPOD Assignment and questions - Market Research (Primary and Secondary)
Set: 13th April 2020 Deadline: 17th April 2020

Seneca - Log into Seneca and create an account
Class Code - vhb8x0mgdl

Tasks to complete (complete the assigned assignments online)
6. Customer Needs, Market Research, Primary and Secondary
Set: 20th April 2020 Deadline: 24th April 2020

7. Market Segmentation and Marketing Mix
Set: 27th April 2020 Deadline: 1st May 2020

8. Product Design and Product Life Cycle
Set: 4th May 2020 Deadline: 8th May 2020

9. Price and Pricing Methods
Set: 11th May 2020 Deadline: 15th May 2020

10. Promotion and Promotional Mix
Set: 18th May 2020 Deadline: 22nd May 2020

11. Place and Marketing Data
Set: 25th May 2020 Deadline: 29th May 2020

12. Sources of Finance
Set: 1st June 2020 Deadline: 5th June 2020

13. Revenue and Costs
Set: 8th June 2020 Deadline: 13th June 2020

14. Profit and Break Even Analysis
Set: 15th June 2020 Deadline: 19th June 2020

15. Cash Flow
Set: 22nd June 2020 Deadline: 26th June 2020

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