Chemistry Required Practicals

Paper 1 - Required practical videos and practiced exam questions

Preparation of a pure, dry sample of a soluble salt from an insoluble oxide or carbonate using a Bunsen burner to heat dilute acid and a water bath or electric heater to evaporate the solution.

Determination of the reacting volumes of solutions of a strong acid and a strong alkali by titration.

Investigate what happens when aqueous solutions are electrolysed using inert electrodes.

Investigate the variables that affect temperature change in chemical reactions, e.g. acid plus alkali.

Paper 2 - Required practical videos and practiced exam questions

Investigate how changes in concentration affect the rates of reactions by both measuring the volume of a gas produced and monitoring a change in colour or turbidity.

Investigate how paper chromatography can be used to separate and tell the difference between coloured substances. Students should  be able to calculate an Rf value.

Use of chemical tests to identify the ions in unknown single ionic compounds covering the ions from Flame tests and sulphates.

Analysis and purification of water samples from different sources. To include pH measurement, removal of dissolved solids and distillation.