GCSE AQA (9-1) Physics

Paper 1 - Content overview

  • Topic 1 Energy 
  • Topic 2. Electricity 
  • Topic 3. Particle model of matter 
  • Topic 4. Atomic structure

Paper 2 - ​Content overview

  • Topic 5. Forces 
  • Topic 6. Waves 
  • Topic 7. Magnetism and electromagnetism 
  • Topic 8. Space physics

The key ideas specific to the Physics content include:

  • the use of models, as in the particle model of matter or the wave models of light and of sound
  • the concept of cause and effect in explaining such links as those between force and acceleration, or between changes in atomic nuclei and radioactive emissions
  • the phenomena of ‘action at a distance’ and the related concept of the field as the key to analysing electrical, magnetic and gravitational effects
  • that differences, for example between pressures or temperatures or electrical potentials, are the drivers of change
  • that proportionality, for example between weight and mass of an object or between force and extension in a spring, is an important aspect of many models in science
  • that physical laws and models are expressed in mathematical form. 
All of these key ideas will be assessed as part of this qualification, through the subject