23 March 2020

Year 10 English Home Learning

Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to look at all of your tasks.

NEW! NEW! English Google Classrooms. Code = kumnkya

Update Thursday 21st May

English home learning is moving today! All students should already be on SJH Google Classrooms so joining the English classroom should be easy! Log in to your SJH Google Classroom and accept your invitation to join the class! If you don't have an invitation, then 'join' the English class using the unique code: kumnkya

NEW! Free Books and Audiobooks during Lockdown

Click on the links below for opportunities to download and get free ebooks and free audiobooks during the lockdown period.

It is so important that students continue to read during these times to ensure they continue to develop their imagination and vocabulary.

GCSE Pod Ongoing Tasks (Deadline 22nd May)

Remember to log in and use GCSE Pod to help you with work.

A series of tasks have been set for you to complete to assist with your poetry.

You must complete all of these tasks by 4th May 2020.

Your teacher has a track online of who has completed the tasks.

If you have any issues logging into GCSEP Pod, please contact your teacher immediately by e-mail.

Term 4 Tasks - Main Poems (Deadline 15th April)

The following documents provide multiple tasks that will last until 15th April.

Read "Document A" first and use "Document H" for all of the tasks.

Friday 27th March Update: To help with this work, we have arranged for file H to be printed and posted to the house of every Y10 student. Keep an eye out for it over the next few days!

Term 5 Tasks - Part 1 Main Poems (Deadline 1st June)

Please follow each task in order I-P in the same way you did with the previous set of poems before Easter holiday. You will still need to refer to the poetry booklet (file H) which you should have also received through the post previously. As before, please don’t hesitate to contact your teacher via email for support and to send completed work to.

You must know every poem as you will be given one of them in the exam next year - no one knows which one! Aim to work through two poems a week using the worksheets, GCSEPod and Youtube analysis to help.

Term 5 Tasks - Part 2 Comparing Poems (Deadline 1st June)
In the poetry exam, you will be given one of the main poems to write about From memory, you have to compare the given poem to another poem from the anthology. The next tasks are focused on comparing poems and how to write about them in the exam.

Comparing Task 1

Quizzes on Poems - these quizzes will ensure that you have understood all 15 poems before you go any further!

Comparing Task 2

Comparing Task 3

Comparing Task 4

Model Answers to Help:

Comparing Task 5

Extension Work

Term 6 

All Term 6 Learning is now on Google Classrooms. Please use your school log in details to access the English page and join the classroom. Thank you very much.