23 March 2020

Year 7 English Home Learning

Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to look at all of your tasks.

NEW! NEW! English Google Classrooms - CODE = yea4jkb

Update Thursday 21st May

English home learning is moving today! All students should already be on SJH Google Classrooms so joining the English classroom should be easy! Log in to your SJH Google Classroom and accept your invitation to join the class! If you don't have an invitation, then 'join' the English class using the unique code: yea4jkb

NEW! Free Books and Audiobooks during Lockdown

Click on the links below for opportunities to download and get free ebooks and free audiobooks during the lockdown period. 

It is so important that students continue to read during these times to ensure they continue to develop their imagination and vocabulary.

GCSE Pod Ongoing Tasks (Deadline 22nd May)

GCSEPod is a website filled with excellent learning resources that is usually used by Year 10 and Year 11. In the current situation, we are rolling out access to all year groups to support with home learning.

Sign up and log in and use GCSE Pod to help you with work.
A series of tasks have been set for you to complete.
You must complete all of these tasks by 5th May 2020.
Your teacher has a track online of who has completed the tasks.
If you have any issues logging into GCSE Pod, please contact your teacher immediately by e-mail.

Term 4 Tasks (Deadline 15th April)

The following document provides multiple tasks that will last until 15th April.
The first two documents are aimed at Mr Fitzwater's Year 7 class only.
The second two documents are for everyone else in Year 7.

Term 5 Tasks - The Tempest (Deadline 1st June)

This term, Year 7 learn about William Shakespeare and his play 'The Tempest'.
Do some research on William Shakespeare, read his play 'The Tempest' (below) and work through the tasks in the booklet (below).

You can even watch the film and animated version to help with your understanding.

If you work with Miss Hull, she has prepared some extra work to help you progress. She can't wait to see your work. You know who you are! 

Term 6

All Term 6 Learning is now on Google Classrooms. Please use your school log in details to access the English page and join the classroom. Thank you very much.