The Exam Countdown Begins!

Use the pupil_revision_timetable to space out your revision between now and the exams. One page has tips, the other has an action plan to get you through it all between now and the exams. The earlier you start, the easier it will be!


Materials and resources to make sure you have the correct content and information before starting your revising.


Ideas on how to revise the content you need and to identify any areas you need to refresh or re-cover. Use the revision timetable (above) to help plan your time. Don't forget to use our brilliant revision guide!


Resources which will allow you to test your knowledge and practise your exam technique. These are exam extracts arranged by topic.

Paper 1

Remember, you don't answer the glacial section

Paper 2

Remember, you don't answer the water or energy sections

Paper 3

Fieldwork only, decision making questions will also be on paper 3