Unit 17 Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated by OCR.

UNIT AIM: If considering a future as a sports coach or leader, a fitness instructor or a leisure recreation assistant, you will need to know the different causes, types, signs and symptoms of sports injuries. You will also need to know the possible long-term effects of these injuries on the injured participant, both physical and psychological. This will allow you to support the injured participant appropriately, whether as part of the immediate response or a long-term rehabilitation programme, to avoid causing them further harm and speed up their safe return to participation. However, prevention is better than cure and so an understanding of risk factors and how to minimise risks will help maintain a safe environment, helping participants to stay injury free in the first place.

‚ÄčThis unit will teach you how to recognise and treat common sports injuries both immediately and through long-term rehabilitation programmes, the possible psychological impacts of sports injuries and how to minimise the risk of sports injuries occurring in the first instance.