Year 10 Topic: Language, Thought & Communication

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Language and Thought

Piaget's Theory & Evaluation

How Language develops in each of Piaget's stages of development:
  • Sensorimotor
  • Preoperational
  • Concrete Operational
  • Formal Operational
Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis & Evaluation

Human & Animal Communication

Function of Animal Communication

  • Survival
  • Reproduction
  • Food
  • Territory
  • Von Frisch's bee study
Properties of Human Communication
  • Productivity/Creativity
  • Planning
  • Multiple methods/channels

Non-Verbal Communication

Key Definitions

  • Verbal Communcation
  • Non-verbal Communication
Eye Contact
  • Definition
  • Functions
  • Eye contact research (dark glasses)
Body Language
  • Three types of posture
  • Posture study
  • Touch
  • Touch study
Personal Space
  • Definition
  • How gender affects personal space
  • How culture affects personal space
  • How status affects personal space

Explaining NVC 

Darwin's Theory

  • NVC has evolved and is adaptive
Evidence that NVC is innate
  • Neonates/blind people
Evidence that NVC is learned
  • Yuki's emoticon study

LEARN: Homework Tasks

Each week, pick a topic or study that we have been looking at and choose one of the following:

  • Create an in-depth revision poster on the topic/study
  • Write a song that explores the psychological topic/debate
  • Attend psychology revision and complete exam questions
  • Create a PowerPoint Presentation on the topic/study and e-mail it to me (no copy and paste allowed)
  • Complete the questions related to the recent topic on the document attached below.

Challenge Option

Write a mini-essay explaining the topic/section/study we have completed (no more than one side of A4)

TEST: Exam Questions