Year 10 Topic: Social Influence

Filter: What do I need to know?

Conformity & Obedience 


  • Definition
  • Conformity Study (Asch line test)
  • Reasons for why we conform
  • Social factors
  • Dispositional factors
  • Definition
  • Obedience study (Milgram shock study)
  • Milgram's Agency Theory (social factors)
  • Adorno's Authoritarian Personality (dispositional factors)

Prosocial Behaviour 

Prosocial behaviour

  • Definition of prosocial behaviour and bystander behaviour
  • Social factors
  • Dispositional factors
  • Piliavin's subway train study
Crowd & Collective Behaviour
  • Social loafing definition
  • Social loafing study
  • Deindividuation definition
  • Deindividuation study
  • Social factors
  • Dispositional factors

LEARN: Homework Tasks

  • Conformity
  • Obedience
  • Prosocial Behaviour
  • Social Loafing
  • ​Deindividuation 
  • Asch line test
  • Milgram obedience
  • ​Adorno's authoritarian personality
  • Piliavin subway train study
  • Social loafing
  • Deindividuation cars
Each week, pick a topic or study that we have been looking at and choose one of the following:

  • Create an in-depth revision poster on the topic/study
  • Write a song that explores the psychological topic/debate
  • Attend psychology revision and complete exam questions
  • Create a PowerPoint Presentation on the topic/study and e-mail it to me (no copy and paste allowed)
  • Complete the questions related to the recent topic on the document attached below.

Challenge Option

Write a mini-essay explaining the topic/section/study we have completed (no more than one side of A4)

TEST: Exam Questions