23 March 2020

GCSE Sociology Home Learning While The College is Closed

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To all Sociology students:
If you need any support, send me an e-mail. We don't want all of our hard work so far to be wasted!

If you don't already have it, now is a great time to invest in a Sociology textbook to assist with home learning.

I use this one for most of the lessons:

This is also a great one as it is full of questions (and it is much cheaper!)

Year 9

1. 23rd March 2020

We were coming to the end of discussing family functions and family diversity. We have even started working on 12-mark questions for these topics and you guys were doing great! You now need to learn about the newest family type to finish this mini-section. Work through the PowerPoint below and use the news article to help.

2. 30th March 2020 Easter Challenge

Your 'Easter Challenge' is a simple, yet very important and useful one.

On A4 paper (on on the computer), create a guide on how to answer the 12-mark question. Your guide should:

- Explain how to plan the answer

- Explain what every bit of the plan means

- Explain the significance of key terms

- Explain the importance of evaluation to get top marks.

Use the following question to base your explanation on:

Q: Discuss how far sociologists agree that men and women have equal roles in the family in modern Britain. (12)

When finished with your guide, answer the question yourself.

Don't forget, to e-mail me any concerns or work that you want me to look over. 

Below is a 12-marker guide that might help (click the link and scroll down!)

3. 13th April 2020

Now we have looked at all of the British family types, it is necessary to quickly look at some family alternatives from around the world. Work through these notes and activities this week for Sociology.

4. 20th April 2020

This week, I would like you to learn about some key changes to UK families over the years. Read through the notes below, answer the questions and learn how families have changed!

5. 27th April 2020

In Sociology, we have come across a few key sociologists so far - Marx, Durkheim, Parsons. It is time to learn another one today: Ann Oakley.

This week, we need to look into the feminist opinion on the typical family and discuss how they feel about it. Read the lesson below, make notes on the key points and answer all of the questions throughout the presentation!

6. 4th May 2020

We have learnt lots so far about different types of families and why we even live in families! We have learned about the roles that people play in families. Now, it is time to summarise all of this in one big question before moving forward onto the next part of the Families topic. Use all of your learning and knowledge so far to come up with a range of answers for the question in the lesson below. Then, choose your best answers and write your essay. I would love to read some of your answers so please e-mail them across to me at a.sharpe@sjhcsc.co.uk 

7. 11th May 2020

It is now time to start looking at marriage in the Families topic. Here is a quick introduction lesson to get you thinking about the different types of marriage and what it must feel like to organise a wedding. It will set you up nicely for future lessons on understanding marriage. Have fun!

8. 18th May 2020

Number one - Make sure that you have joined the Google Classroom! The code is all over this page!

Number two - Now you should have seen just how expensive a wedding can cost, it is time to investigate the trends and patterns of marriage and to explain what it happening to it.

Read through the lesson below and make your notes as normal. 

9. 1st June 2020

All Sociology work has now moved to the Google Classroom. Please use your school log in details to access the classroom and the full catalogue of sociology home learning including this week's task. Thank you.

NEW! Make sure that you have joined the Year 9 Sociology Google Classroom as resources will be moving here soon. Code: f6mkter