KS5 Year 1 Sociology Homework

Homework in Sociology A level will always offer you a clear purpose, a choice and a challenge.

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Homework 1: 10 mark Secularisation question (Due on 09.09.19)

Use your notes and resources to give evidence, examples and named writer in your answer.

Choose one of the following 10 mark questions on Secularisation in the UK;

1. Using two examples, examine the view that religion has less influence on the lives of individuals in modern society.
2. Outline and evaluate two ways in which society could be argued to be becoming more secular.
3. Evaluate two pieces of evidence that seem to suggest we now live in a secular society.

Homework 2: 20 mark secularisation question (Due 23.09.19)

Using your notes, you will need to develop a clear argument and then give counter evidence to evaluate those arguments.

1. To what extent does sociological; evidence suggest that we now live in a secular society?

2. Religion no longer influences the lives of individuals in modern society; discuss.

3. Examine the view that religion still remains central in modern society.