KS5 Year 2 Sociolgy Homework

Homework 1: Differential Educational Success - Gender (Due: 09.09.19)

Examine the view that gender is a key factor in determining educational success.
(20 marks)

Homework 2: Prepare for a timed and unseen test on Realtionships and Processes in schools (30.10.19)

Use the AQA wesbsite (www.aqa.org.uk) to revise and refresh the module we have been covering in class.

You will need to have a confident and detailed knowledge of the following;
- relationships and processes within schools
- particular reference to teacher/pupil relationship
- pupil identities and subculture
- the hidden curriculum
- the organisation of teaching and learning

Make sure you are making full and effective use of your study sessions.


Homework 3:  Complete 10 mark question on gender and educational achievement. (Due:  08.10.19)

Complete the following question;

"Examine two factors within school which can cause differences in educational success between genders".

(10 marks)

You must make sure your answer includes clear reference to the question and offers counter-arguments and evidence for each point made.

Homework 4: Complete the 9 mark question (Due on 14.10.19)

Outline three reasons why government education policies aimed at raising educational achievement among disadvantaged groups may not always succeed.
(9 marks)

You will need to apply content we have covered in class and also think carefully about other possible content you can apply.

To be handed in at the start of our Monday lesson.

Homework 5: Revise for a test on Education (all content)

On 28.10.19 we will be sitting a practice paper focused on the content we have covered so far in Education.

This will include:

- Role and Function of education

- Social Policy (what we have covered thus far)

- Social Groups

- Relationships and processes in school

Make full and proper use of your half term to make sure you are confident on these sections.

Homework 6:  Complete 30 mark exam question

Complete the 30 mark question from June 2018 Education paper.

Aim to complete the first two sections (arguments for/against) by Monday when we will look at this in class.

Full 30 marks to be completed by 05.11.19.

Homework 7: Prepare for timed 30 mark question

Prepare and PRACTICE your 309 mark questions (from Homework 6 and feedback),

We will be completing this under timed conditions on Monday 18th November.

Homework 8:  Complete 10 mark question on Green Crime

Complete the 10 mark exam question on Green Crime given out in class today.

Make sure you refer to the Item and make reference to specific cases of Green / environmental Crime.

We will be continuing this work in our lesson on 03.02.20.


Homework 9:  Due on 24.02.20

Complete the 20 mark question on Ethnicity and Crime.

Makes sure you know and can recall this content well - we will revisit immediately after the February half term.