Year 11

Key Stage 4

Homework should enable students to:

• practise and reinforce knowledge and skills covered in class
• work independently
• carry out research
• develop creative thinking skills
• develop organisational and time management skills
• improve concentration and self-discipline
• discover, explore, and enjoy a subject

Setting Homework

• Homework tasks will be set on a weekly basis per subject
• All Homework tasks will be set on Google Classroom
• All Homework pages on the College website to contain a link to Google Classroom with a brief overview of the task/topic for parents to access
• Homework tasks are expected to take 20-30mins for students to complete
• Recognition should be given where students have completed homework and praise points to be given where students complete homework to an outstanding standard


Students at SJH are expected to:

• Record Homework in their planners
• Complete Homework to the best of their abilities
• Submit Homework on time
• Ask for help if necessary

Parents at SJH are asked to:

• Encourage and support their child with regard to the completion of Homework
• Check assignments set on the SJH website/Google Classroom with their child daily
• Check and sign planners weekly