Key Stage 4

Welcome to Key Stage 4.

During Key Stage 4 you will have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the subjects of the subjects which you are studying. There are many opportunities on offer to you throughout Key Stage 4 and it is important...



Holiday Masterclasses

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Exams Page

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After School Sessions - Y11

After School Sessions Page

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GCSEPod offers over 3,500 teacher-written, audio-visual podcasts produced specifically for mobile devices and containing all...

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Learning Café

The Learning Café is the central hub for Key Stage 4 students. Students can attend revision sessions, use ICT facilities, work...

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It’s exam time once again and hopefully you have started revising by now. Revising for GCSE exams can seem like a huge task but...

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Tassomai is an online learning platform which supports students with gap filling and preparation for exams. Tassomai has...

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Hegarty Maths

Hegarty Maths is a fantastic online learning platform which supports students with independent maths study. It contains...

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