SJH Careers Programme

Your career is your pathway through life- a combination of living, learning and earning. Careers Education is delivered within our termly Personal Development drop down days as well as through a variety of planned visits within and outside of school, to and from various employers and higher education establishments.

Students will look at their journey from primary school and start to look at their own personal qualities and skills. Throughout the year they will also start to explore different careers and begin to examine the links between the skills they learn in school and those required in work.

Year 8- INFORM
In year 8 the programme will help students to understand more about themselves, know where to look for useful information (careers explorations) and plan for the future (careers management). They will also receive help and advice to help them with making your key stage 4 option choices.

In year 9 students will start to explore key trends in local, regional, national and global labour markets. They will assess their personal strengths and focus on transferrable skills. 

Year 10- EVOLVE
In year 10 students will prepare for their work experience placement, which takes place in the summer term. This is an excellent opportunity for them to gain insight into the world of work and develop employability skills.

Year 11- DECIDE
In year 11 we will support students with post 16 options. They will also have the chance to work with the CSW Group who will help them find a career path beyond year 11. There will also be CV work shops to help them produce a professional CV that will help them on their journey.



The Sixth Form Careers Programme covers a wide variety of topics which aim to prepare students not only for their Sixth Form studies but for both the Post 18 Options including University and their intended careers. This includes the opportunity to take part in a work placement, employer talks, seminars, mock interviews, support with UCAS and any employment application along with visits to Higher and Further Education establishments.

The full careers programme is made available to all staff within our internal system. Students are also able to access any information regarding careers interventions and activities that they have participated in.