19 December 2018

Sixth Form London Trip

Friday the 14th December saw 15 students travel to London for the annual Sixth Form London Trip. The day began at 5.30am with students taking the early train to London Paddington, from there we travelled by [a very busy] underground to Westminster. The morning was spent touring the London Dungeons; a trip through the streets and the darker elements of Victorian and Dickensian London which was certainly a lively and different way to start the day!

From there, the group walked along the bank of the Thames to Covent Garden where we explored the stalls, street artists and shops before walking back to Westminster via Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. One student was even given a special rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ by a busker under the lights of Piccadilly!

In the afternoon, the group were able to tour the Houses of Parliament and explored the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the incredible 1000 year old Westminster Hall (where we squeezed in a group picture). In what was a particularly eventful and busy week in the country’s parliament buildings, we found ourselves stood in the same chamber where just hours earlier the latest round of the Brexit debate had been rumbling on. After the tour, a Law making workshop gave students the chance to test their knowledge of the law making process and to try their hand at debating and voting.

One [even busier] tube journey back across London at the height of rush hour later, we were all very happy to make it to the comfort of our train for the journey home.

The day was an excellent chance for students to experience a taste of the capital and to get a unique insight into how our government operates, in especially political times. We will be running the Sixth Form London Trip again in 2019 by which time nobody yet knows quite what parliament will be debating!

A special thank you to all those students who attended for making the day a thorough success.

Mr J G Dunkerley
Assistant Principal | Head of Sixth Form