Sherford Training Centre Experience

The Superkids were taken to the Sherford Training Centre, where they attended a workshop given by two City College Plymouth Engineering lecturers. We also visited the Sherford site and saw inside the 'unwrapped home', which was created to help demonstrate the construction process, and how each room is turned into a fully functioning living space. It promoted lots of questions about how homes are built and the jobs needed to support the industry.

In the workshop they had to build a bridge purely out of spaghetti, with their bridges being tested at the end of the session for their strength. In teams they were each given a different type of bridge to design, which they then had to research and produce their own design before creating a template and making the structure out of spaghetti.

The task promoted teamwork, problem solving and showed the students how core subjects, like maths are used in the real world. They came up with impressive designs and actively participated in the workshop. This was a valuable experience with the students actively engaging, which was great to see.