The following materials, links and resources are designed to support your transition from KS4 to KS5 and to help you in preparing for your new course.

You should try to absorb all the 'watch it' and 'read it' materials as these have been chosen by your KS5 subject teachers specifically to support your new subjects.

All students will need to complete the KS5 Transition task for Business in full.

The KS5 transition task will need to be handed in to your subject teacher on or before your first lesson in September. These tasks will help you in preparing for your new subjects but will also help teachers to make sure you are suited for these subjects.

With this in mind, all KS5 Transition tasks should be completed to the highest standard possible.

Watch it....

The following documentaries / films make excellent viewing and preparation for all KS5 Business students......


Pepsi vs Coke:  A Marketing Battle
The Founder:  The Story of Ray Kroc


The Pursuit of Happyness:
 A bright, talented (but marginally employed) salesman struggling to make ends meet

The Big Short: In the mid-2000s, a few finance experts observe the instability in the US housing market and predict its collapse. Through their research, they discover the flaws and corruption in the system.

Read it....

The following files give some really useful reading and insight into some of the largest global companies and corporations - excellent reading for all KS5 Business students.  One especially current and topical article is about how Covid-19 will change the world and is certainly worth a look!

Do it....

All students going on to study Business at KS5 will need to complete the following Transition task.

If you have any questions you can use the links at the bottom of the page to contact your teacher.

Check it....

It is important that you communicate with teachers when in sixth form so we would always encourage you to ask for any additional materials, support or advice on your subjects.

If you have any questions about the Business Transition Task, you can check anything you might need help with by using the email below;

Mr Fort: